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Hi there! We’re Hugo and Noemie, the traveling couple behind We Wander Asia. In 2015, we fell in love on the island of Nusa Lembongan and never looked back. We’ve been together ever since, until the laws were about to separate us as we’re not the same nationalities. That’s why we’ve left everything behind to travel the world and stay together!  We blog, vlog, take pictures and share our newest adventures with the world and hope to inspire you along the way.

Noemie and Hugo from the travel platform We Wander Asia spending some time in a palmtree somewhere in the Philippines

We Wander Asia: the story

You might wonder why we’ve initially started this platform. While preparing our trips in Asia we were always searching for information on different websites. This is time consuming and when you travel you want to enjoy as much as you can. So we felt the need to create one website that contained all the information so others could effectively prepare their trip. After a lot of research and with great help of our friends from all over the world, we launched We Wander Asia in September 2016.

During that last year of 2016, we had been living together in a little apartment in Amsterdam. Unfortunately we got the sad news that Noemie her visa was ending and that she had to leave the the Netherlands. One thing was for sure though, we were not about to get separated by the law. We decided to see the entire thing as an opportunity to jump into a new adventure. Traveling had brought us together, now it seemed like the only way to keep us together.

So we decided to sell everything, move out of our apartment and book a one-way ticket to the Philippines! Armed with our cameras and a good dose of excitement, we’ve started blogging and vlogging (see a #vlog here) our way through Asia. Not a reality show about us (thank god) but an adventure where we look for the (hidden) treasures of this continent and share them with the world.

Us and our contributing friends from all over the world

Hugo, NL
A Dutchie who went on a world trip during his law school. Came back with new passions like photography and writing. And also with a Canadian girl. Loves people, sports, nature and making a fool out of himself. Finds it challenging to stay in one place, so always looking for a new adventure.
Noemie, CA
French Canadian dreamer. A bit crazy but sweet. Loves being creative, surfing and the beach life. Which is why she's not that much in Canada. Needs her coffee in the morning, though loves healthy food. Can cry about the cuteness of a labrador puppy. Dreams to have her own guesthouse.
Aisyah, UK
Brit girl who travels the world with her husband and two kids. Currently in Indonesia. Writer, eater, traveler, cook. Loves nothing more than learning to cook Indonesian food or eating her way around a new city. Writes about a lot of things. And also runs food tours.
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Vanessa, AUS
Graphic Designer
A 20-something Australian who spends too much of her time lost in the stars or cleansing her crystals. Her itchy feet landed her a home in London where she works as a graphic designer. Her New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to master the yogic handstand, though she’s not yet having much luck.

Our Team